I am a Suzuki piano instructor and have been since August of 1976 when I took a week long training workshop in Nashville, TN. Teaching music is my passion. I love working with young students.

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My journey to wholeness actually began with my first pregnancy and continued with the subsequent births of my four children. I decided to give birth at home because I wanted no interventions in the birth process and I did not want to be separated from my newborn. While researching birth, I decided to take the training to become a Bradley Childbirth Educator and I taught Bradley classes for twelve years. I currently teach independent childbirth classes at my office Women Sanctuary in Rochester, NY.

I am also a Discovery Toys educational consultant and have been since joining the company in 1986.

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Additionally, I am a Reiki practitioner and a Meditation instructor, and have now completed the workshop training to be a Simple Abundance Close to Home Certified Workshop Leader.

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