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Natural Childbirth Education

In 1978, while pregnant with my first child, I took the Bradley Teacher Training. Cory was born at home on July 16. I started teaching in October and taught until 1990. 

In 2003 birth activism once again called to me and I began teaching again this time using "Natural Childbirth Education" to better describe what I do.

Natural Childbirth Education is a six week series of classes. 

The class outline is as follows:

Class 1:Introductions, History of Childbirth, Exercises & Nutrition

Class 2: The Cascade of Interventions & Support Roles - Coach, Doula

Class 3: First Stage Labor

Class 4: Second Stage Labor

Class 5: Emotional Preparation, Labor Challenges & Patients' Rights

Class 6: Postpartum, Newborn & Breastfeeding

The fee for the six week series is $250. To register, please click here to receive a registration brochure.

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